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Clout Nails

Material: Low carbon steel Q195 or Q215 or Q235 Steel
Length: 0.5''- 6''
Features: Having smooth surface, good rust resistance


Clout nails are a kind of large head roofing nails. Also known as shingle nails or felt nails. We supply clout nails in copper and aluminum material, also copper disc rivets, aluminum tile pegs, copper slate straps and slate hooks for roofing construction and boat construction uses. Copper and aluminum nails are mainly used for securing slate roof tiles on houses.

Copper Clout Nails for Boat Construction

Clout nails in cu are often used with copper washers, to create a traditional copper rivet, similar to clinch or clench nailing. Copper rivets are often utilized in classic planked wooden boat construction. The sheathing nails have a large clout-like head (around 8mm) and a short round smooth shank.

The large head design makes copper nails ideal for fastening copper sheet to the hulls of boats. The large head nails holds the sheet well and the smooth shank means that the nail can be removed easily and without causing hull damage when the materials eventually needs replacing.